Senior Prizegiving - Congratulations to all our winners

Senior prizegiving was held on Saturday 18th October to celebrate a successful year for our club.

Trophies were awarded as following

C Team

  • Most Improved: Jake Scatchard
  • Player of the Year: Joel Dunstan
  • Most Consistent: David Breen
  • Players Player: Joel Dunstan

D Team

  • Player of the Year: Zachary Newell-Chard & Carlo Patena
  • Players Player: David Houlihan & Isiah Newell-Chard
  • Squad Member: David Houlihan, Isiah Newell-Chard & Zachary Newell-Chard
  • Most Consistent: Mathew Beros & Tony Schischka


  • Players Player: Warrick Gibson
  • Player of the Year (Paul Wotton Memorial Trophy): Mark Renner
  • Most Consistent: Steven Cox
  • Squad Member: David Parker
  • Craig Barrett: Neville Fletch


  • Player of the Year: Quinton Kapira
  • Players Player: Lebon Bulumba
  • Squad Member: Raheem Hunter-Ali
  • Most Consistent: Gareth Cox


  • Player of the Year: Hayley Lockley
  • Most Consistent: Hilary Forster
  • Most Improved: Georgia Burke
  • Golden Boot: Leanna Ryan
  • Players Player: Courtney White


  • Young Player: Xavier Pratt
  • Players Player: Johnny Konings
  • Best Contribution: Alexi Varela
  • Top Goal Scorer: Mark Jones
  • Player of the Year: Johnny Konings

Club Awards

  • Young Player: Logan Rogerson
  • Top Goal Scorer: Leanna Ryan (37 goals)
  • Sportsman: Mark Jones
  • Sportswoman: Haylee Turner & Leanna Ryan
  • Club Member: Claire Timpany
  • Special Club Award: Rick Broderson

Team Trophies

  • Classics - Winners Waikato Mens Division A
  • Women - Winners Waikato Womens Division B