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Ali Abdullahi :g:

The Wanderers youth had a rather erroneous start to their season visiting Central at Eastdale Park in Auks. The game started well for us with some incisive passing and good work on the flanks. We went ahead at our fourth corner when Ali got on the end of the ball and glanced it in. The game from there took a turn for the worse, however, as the referee decided that a Central handball in the area wasn't worth pointing to the spot for. The same official allowed the opposition to score the winner with a 50/50 challenge being deemed as a Wanderers foul in the area. This wasn't his only error as according to 'city' football 'law' the home side seemed to be given the 'carte blanche' to foul at will.

Despite massive pressure from our lads the ball wouldn't go in and an obvious spot kick was waved away again so we finished quite disgruntled really as far as the result went. The boys played good football and deserved to get more from the game, but management were proud of them for the discipline they showed when it would have been easy to 'lose the plot'.