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18/07/2010 #Youth #WinnersInBlue

North Force vs Under 17s Metro

This was a game that we were supposed to be playing in Whangarei but North Force agreed to meet us at North Harbour Stadium, and many thanks go to them for that.
04/07/2010 #Youth #WinnersInBlue

Birkenhead vs Under 17s Metro

We travelled to Birkenhead who were just above us in the league, and started off much as we had against Hibiscus Coast except that we couldn't score. James, Ewan and Elliot all had shots saved or off target.
23/05/2010 #Youth #WinnersInBlue

Fencibles vs Under 17s Metro

The way the team started in this game it looked like a rout was on the cards as Ali scored within 1m 40s of the kick-off.
16/05/2010 #Youth

Western Springs vs Under 17s Metro

With both Jarrod and Gavin on duty for the reserves we took a somewhat depleted squad up to Western Springs. Peter Davies accompanied us and we played on the best Auckland surface we had encountered so far.
09/05/2010 #Youth #WinnersInBlue

Under 17s Metro vs Eastern Suburbs

Home today we played the current league leaders, who had just come off a 5-0 victory the week before. The lads were really pleased with finally getting to play on Porritt's main ground.
02/05/2010 #Youth #WinnersInBlue

Three Kings vs Under 17s Metro

This game was expected to be harder than that of the previous week. The lads started off looking really very sharp, with crisp passing and movement cutting into and penetrating the opposition defensive lines.
25/04/2010 #Youth #WinnersInBlue

Ellerslie vs Under 17s Metro

The boys started off the game by soaking up the pressure from the opposition for the first ten minutes before a breakaway lead to Ryan Miller finishing under pressure beating both defender and 'keeper to put us in front.
18/04/2010 #Youth

Central vs Under 17s Metro

The Wanderers youth had a rather erroneous start to their season visiting Central at Eastdale Park in Auks. The game started well for us with some incisive passing and good work on the flanks.