Winter Competitions

The winter season for 2019 has finished. Thank you for all your support during the year.

If you want to find out more information for a particular team, please choose one of the teams on the left, and more games and results will be displayed (including past results).

2019 Results

PM2019 01 Melville Wanderers
PM2019 02 Wanderers Western Springs
PM2019 03 East Coast Bays Wanderers
PM2019 04 Wanderers Onehunga Sports
PM2019 05 Waitakere Wanderers
PM2019 06 Wanderers Birkenhead
PM2019 07 Central United Wanderers
PM2019 08 Eastern Suburbs Wanderers
PM2019 09 Wanderers Glenfield Rovers
PM2019 10 Manukau Wanderers
PM2019 0531 Chatham Cup Western Springs Wanderers
PM2019 11 Wanderers North Shore United
PM2019 13 Western Springs Wanderers
PM2019 14 Wanderers East Coast Bays
PM2019 16 Wanderers Waitakere
PM2019 17 Birkenhead Wanderers
PM2019 18 Wanderers Central United
PM2019 19 Wanderers Eastern Suburbs
PM2019 12 Wanderers Melville
PM2019 20 Glenfield Rovers Wanderers
PM2019 15 Onehunga Wanderers
PM2019 21 Wanderers Manukau
PM2019 22 North Shore United Wanderers
RM2019 01 Melville Wanderers
RM2019 02 Wanderers Western Springs
RM2019 03 East Coast Bays Wanderers
RM2019 04 Wanderers Onehungasports
RM2019 05 Waitakere Wanderers
RM2019 06 Wanderers Birkenhead
RM2019 07 Central United Wanderers
RM2019 08 Eastern Suburbs Wanderers
RM2019 09 Wanderers Glenfield Rovers
RM2019 10 Manukau Wanderers
RM2019 11 Wanderers North Shore
RM2019 12 Wanderers Melville United
RM2019 13 Western Springs Wanderers
RM2019 14 Wanderers East Coast Bays
RM2019 16 Wanderers Waitakere
RM2019 17 Birkenhead Wanderers
RM2019 18 Wanderers Central United
RM2019 19 Wanderers Eastern Suburbs
RM2019 20 Glenfield Rovers Wanderers
RM2019 15 Onehunga Wanderers
RM2019 21 Wanderers Manukau
RM2019 22 North Shore Wanderers
PW2019 01 Wanderers Papakura
PW2019 02 Wanderers Forrest Hill Milford
PW2019 03 Wanderers Glenfield Rovers
PW2019 04 Wanderers Western Springs
PW2019 05 Wanderers Onehunga
PW2019 06 Wanderers Three Kings
PW2019 07 Eastern Suburbs Wanderers
PW2019 08 Papakura Wanderers
PW2019 09 Forrest Hill Milford Wanderers
PW2019 10 Glenfield Rovers Wanderers
PW2019 0602 Kate Sheppard Cup Ellerslie Wanderers
PW2019 11 Western Springs Wanderers
PW2019 0616 Kate Sheppard Cup Waitemata Wanderers
PW2019 12 Onehunga Wanderers
PW2019 13 Three Kings Wanderers
PW2019 0707 Kate Sheppard Cup Wanderers Western Springs
PW2019 14 Wanderers Eastern Suburbs
PW2019 15 Wanderers Papakura
PW2019 16 Forrest Hill Milford Wanderers
PW2019 17 Wanderers Glenfield Rovers
PW2019 18 Wanderers Western Springs
PW2019 19 Onehunga Wanderers
PW2019 20 Wanderers Three Kings
PW2019 0825 Kate Sheppard Cup Wanderers Eastern Suburbs
PW2019 21 Eastern Suburbs Wanderers
RW2019 01 Wanderers Papakura
RW2019 02 Wanderers Forrest Hill Milford
RW2019 03 Wanderers Glenfield Rovers
RW2019 04 Wanderers Western Springs
RW2019 05 Wanderers Onehunga
RW2019 06 Wanderers Three Kings
RW2019 07 Eastern Suburbs Wanderers
RW2019 08 Papakura Wanderers
RW2019 09 Forrest Hill Milford Wanderers
RW2019 10 Glenfield Rovers Wanderers
RW2019 11 Western Springs Wanderers
RW2019 12 Onehunga Wanderers
RW2019 13 Three Kings Wanderers
RW2019 14 Wanderers Eastern Suburbs
RW2019 15 Wanderers Papakura
RW2019 16 Forrest Hill Milford Wanderers
RW2019 17 Wanderers Glenfield Rovers
RW2019 18 Wanderers Western Springs
RW2019 19 Onehunga Wanderers
RW2019 20 Wanderers Three Kings
RW2019 21 Eastern Suburbs Wanderers
CM2019 0406 Wanderers Waikato Unicol Red
CM2019 0413 Claudelands Rovers Wanderers
CM2019 0427 Soccer Shop Cup Wanderers Melville Nobs
CM2019 0504 Putaruru Wanderers
CM2019 0511 Wanderers Eastern City
CM2019 0518 Soccer Shop Plate Wanderers Claudelands Rovers
CM2019 0525 Wanderers Melville Mighty Bs
CM2019 0601 Wanderers Melville B52s
CM2019 0608 St Pauls Wanderers
CM2019 0615 Wanderers Huntly
CM2019 0622 Waikato Unicol Red Wanderers
CM2019 0629 Wanderers Claudelands Rovers
CM2019 0706 Soccer Shop Plate Ngaruawahia Wanderers
CM2019 0713 Wanderers Putaruru
CM2019 0720 Soccer Shop Plate Wanderers Waikato Unicol Red
CM2019 0727 Melville Mighty Bs Wanderers
CM2019 0803 Melville B52s Wanderers
CM2019 0810 Wanderers St Pauls
CM2019 0817 Huntly Wanderers
CM2019 0824 Soccer Shop Plate Wanderers Otorohanga
CM2019 0831 Waikato Unicol Veterans Wanderers
CM2019 0907 Eastern City Wanderers
CM2019 0914 Wanderers Waikato Unicol Veterans
FM2019 0330 Wanderers Tauranga City
FM2019 0406 Otorohanga Wanderers
FM2019 0413 Wanderers Taupo
FM2019 0420 Cambridge Wanderers
FM2019 0427 Wanderers Tokoroa
FM2019 0504 Waikato Unicol Wanderers
FM2019 0511 Wanderers Matamata
FM2019 0518 Papamoa Wanderers
FM2019 0525 Wanderers Otumoetai
FM2019 0601 Wanderers Claudelands Rovers
FM2019 0608 Tauranga Blue Rovers Wanderers
FM2019 0615 Tauranga City Wanderers
FM2019 0622 Wanderers Otorohanga
FM2019 0629 Taupo Wanderers
FM2019 0706 Wanderers Cambridge
FM2019 0713 Tokoroa Wanderers
FM2019 0720 Wanderers Waikato Unicol
FM2019 0727 Matamata Wanderers
FM2019 0803 Wanderers Papamoa
FM2019 0810 Otumoetai Wanderers
FM2019 0817 Claudelands Rovers Wanderers
FM2019 0824 Wanderers Tauranga Blue Rovers
WL2019 0407 Wanderers Tauranga City
WL2019 0414 Tauranga Blue Rovers Wanderers
WL2019 0428 Wanderers Claudelands Rovers
WL2019 0505 Wanderers Melville
WL2019 0512 Whakatane Wanderers
WL2019 0519 Wanderers Otumoetai
WL2019 0526 Papamoa Wanderers
WL2019 0609 Tauranga City Wanderers
WL2019 0623 Claudelands Rovers Wanderers
WL2019 0630 Melville Wanderers
WL2019 0707 Wanderers Whakatane
WL2019 0714 Otumoetai Wanderers
WL2019 0721 Wanderers Papamoa